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distracted driving

Every day, distracted driving threatens the safety of pedestrians, other drivers, and property. Florida has the 2nd worst record for distracted driving in the country. Despite being aware of the risks posed by distracted driving, some people in St. Petersburg refuse to obey the rules, leading to a car accident and personal injury.

Lewis & Castagliola is a personal injury law firm that helps people who have been a victim of someone’s negligence while driving and assists them in getting fair compensation for any sustained injuries or damages.

Types Of Distractions While Driving

While driving an automobile, the driver’s attention could be captured by several things, which could easily lead to distractions. There are three main types of distractions that a driver in St. Petersburg could be subject to.

Visual: Visual distractions occur when the driver looks at something other than the path ahead.

Cognitive: Cognitive distractions occur when the driver is thinking about something else rather than focusing on driving.

Manual: Manual distraction occurs when the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel for some reason. This could lead to the loss of control of the vehicle and then an accident.

There are also auditory distractions, which occur when a sound unrelated to driving captures the driver’s attention, making them lose their focus on the road or their surroundings. If you’ve suffered injuries due to distracted driving in St. Petersburg, consult a lawyer to get compensated for the damages. If you don’t already have a lawyer, get in touch with car accident attorneys Lewis & Castagliola to have one of the best law firms work on your case.

St. Petersburg, Florida Laws Against Distracted Driving

Due to the soaring levels of distracted driving cases in St. Petersburg, Florida, the state has put some strict laws in place for people who fail to obey the rules. To that end, certain activities are prohibited in Florida while driving, such as:

  • Writing and reading text messages or emails while driving
  • Talking over a handheld phone in active school areas
  • Talking over a handheld phone in active work areas

There are certain exceptions to these rules too. For one, these restrictions are only applicable when the vehicle is in motion. So, if the driver is texting someone, or using a handheld phone at a red light, then it wouldn’t be a violation. If you were harmed because someone was writing a message on their phones while driving, you can report them to the authorities and receive compensation for any damage. But before you do that, hire a lawyer so you can be informed of your rights. Don’t have a St. Petersburg distracted driving accident lawyer? Contact Lewis & Castagliola law firm to get an attorney.

Lewis & Castagliola

Lewis & Castagliola is a personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg, FL, that deals with various cases, including car accidents, scooter accidents, wrongful death, boat accident, and Uber & Lyft. Lewis & Castagliola take cognizance of the rising instances of distracted driving in St. Petersburg and how it impacts the victim and their family.

To counter the threat posed by this menace, the attorneys at the firm dedicate all their resources and experience of over 40 years to getting the victims of distracted driving fair compensation and justice. If you’re looking for a St. Petersburg distracted driving accident lawyer, schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible to take timely action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered distracted driving?

Distracted driving occurs when the driver engages in an activity that steals their attention from the road. The distraction could be visual, auditory, manual, or cognitive. This soars the chances of the driver causing an accident. Some activities that could lead to distracted driving are talking on the phone while driving, sending a message or an email to someone, averting eyes from the road to look at the GPS, or eating or drinking while driving.

Why is distracted driving a problem?

When a driver averts their attention from the road to engage in some activity, they could miss crucial events unfolding on the road or give up control on the steering wheel, leading to an accident. Distracted driving has been a catalyst to personal injuries and car accidents too many times, which is why the state of Florida has put some stringent laws in place against the offenders. If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to someone’s distracted driving, you could take legal action against them by consulting attorneys.

Is texting while driving illegal in Florida?

Yes, Florida has put a ban on texting while driving, which means if anybody is caught writing an email, text message, or an instant message while driving, they would be punished according to the law. The law also applies to cases where the driver reads messages while driving as well. If you were a car accident victim because the driver was texting, you could demand compensation for any injuries or damages you sustained. Contact a lawyer immediately.