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Hit and run accident experiences can be traumatizing. While you can’t reverse what has already happened, you can seek compensation for the personal injury damages that the culprit caused. St. Petersburg has some penalties for drivers who cause a personal injury accident and then flee from the scene, which a competent lawyer can brief you on.

If found guilty, the defendant would be charged for second-degree misdemeanor and would be fined $500, in addition to being sentenced to prison for a maximum of 60 days. However, in many cases, the victim of the hit and run accident cannot gather any identifying information from the at-fault driver. The victim would have to advance with an uninsured motorist claim through their insurance policy in such circumstances.

Hit and Run Accidents In St. Petersburg

Hit and run accidents are rampant in St. Petersburg, FL. Such accidents could cause more damage than just physical injuries. There could also be some mental trauma that the victim goes through, not to mention the wages that the victim loses. Thankfully, the car accident laws in the state of Florida ensure that the victim is compensated for the damages that they sustain during a hit-and-run accident.

To know your rights as an injured claimant, you need to contact an experienced St. Petersburg hit and run accident lawyer like Lewis & Castagliola. P.A. A car accident attorney would inform you of your options and how you can legally proceed to seek compensation for your damages. We can also represent you in court, should it come to that.

Why Do Hit-and-Run Culprits Flee After Causing An Accident?

In a hit-and-run accident, as the name suggests, the assailant flees the scene of the crime, leaving the victim behind without providing any help. There are plenty of reasons why the culprit feels the need to run away before the cops or anyone else arrives at the scene of the crime:

  • If the defendant was under the influence of alcohol or any other illicit substance.
  • If the defendant did not possess a license or did not possess other important driving documents.
  • If the defendant had a warrant issued against them

Hit and run accidents can be quite overwhelming, especially when the police get involved. This is when hiring an attorney becomes imperative to ensure that your rights are safeguarded, both inside and outside the court. If you don’t have a lawyer, get in touch with Lewis & Castagliola immediately.

Lewis & Castagliola PA

Lewis & Castagliola PA is a law firm practicing and helping numerous personal injury victims in St. Petersburg for over 40 years. We specialize in hit-and-run accidents in St. Petersburg and deal with such cases with utmost sensitivity and empathy. We know how distressing such accidents can be, and thus, we make getting justice for our clients our topmost priority.

Once you contact Lewis & Castagliola PA, a personal injury law firm, we begin investigating the matter almost immediately and gather evidence for your case. We enter negotiations with the insurance company to win you a deserved compensation, and if the talks fail, we immediately gear up to represent you in the court of law. Our goal is to ensure that you are given what you are due, and all our efforts and resources are dedicated to that goal. Schedule a consultation with us now, and so we can get started right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hit-and-run accident?

A hit and run car accident is a form of personal injury in which one of the motorists causes the injury of another person and leaves the scene of the crime without stopping their vehicle. Since the driver fails to provide identification or assist the injured driver, they must pay the penalties for causing the injuries and then fleeing. If you find yourself in the middle of a hit-and-run, call 911 to get immediate emergency attention. File a police report once your injuries are looked after.

Can I sue for a hit and run in St. Petersburg, Florida?

Yes, hit and run accident victims can sue their culprits, as long as the former can identify the at-fault driver. If the injuries are beyond the PIP insurance coverage, the accident victim could file a lawsuit for the personal injury. Before you get into the legal proceedings in St. Petersburg, it is advised to lawyer up so you can know your rights and options before you file the lawsuit. Your attorney will inform you of your rights.

How long do you have to report an accident?

In St. Petersburg, FL, you’re required to report an accident within ten days. Hire an attorney as soon as possible. In most cases, the accidents are reported to the police as soon as it happens to investigate the crime scene. In such cases, the police file the report, and thus, you are not required to file another one.