Car Accident Settlement Calculator Florida

March 13, 2024
Photo of a Damaged Car

There are many factors to consider when calculating a car accident settlement in Florida. Before you can pursue a car accident settlement, you will need to determine the dollar amount that sufficiently covers your losses. You must arrive at an appropriate amount before negotiating a settlement.

Attorneys, insurance companies, and the courts all have formulas in place to get to a starting figure for calculating a car accident settlement. Understanding what can affect this amount is the first step in maximizing compensation in Florida car accident cases.

Why You Need an Accurate Calculation for Your Car Accident Settlement

Calculating your Florida car accident settlement can help you account for all of the relevant factors in your case. Even though these are merely estimates rather than guarantees, they can give you an idea of what you can receive for your settlement.

Unfortunately, many car accident victims do not take into account the severity of their injuries. If you are permanently injured, you may require ongoing medical care. Neglecting to calculate this in your car accident settlement means you won’t receive a sufficient amount for compensation.

Steps for Maximizing Compensation in Florida Car Accident Cases

The first step to ensuring you get what is fair for your losses following a car accident is to seek medical treatment for your injuries. Next, you should speak with a personal injury attorney about the factors in your case that may be relevant when calculating a car accident settlement.

Your attorney will have the advantage of representing cases similar to yours. This experience—along with a Florida car accident settlement calculator and your unique circumstances—will help them determine the best settlement amount to seek in your personal injury case.

Using a Florida Car Accident Settlement Calculator

At Lewis & Castagliola, P.A., we use our experience and expertise to maximize compensation in Florida car accident cases. When you work with us, we will evaluate the factors in your case to determine a potential settlement amount.

If you have already been offered a settlement, it’s important that you know there is no going back once you accept it. We can review the offer and let you know if the compensation is fair.
Use our Florida car accident settlement calculator below to estimate how much your case could be worth. Explore our website at to learn more about our services.