Truck Accident FAQ

truck accident

Semi-trucks are one of the heaviest vehicles on the highway and are at higher risk of creating devastating accidents, resulting in fatal injuries. When you get into a truck accident, you may be suffering terrible damages that can result in long-term disability. The truck driver can be held liable for the injuries you sustained. A truck accident attorney can help you get the compensation you are owed after you have experienced life-changing damages.

Truck accidents can cause brain trauma, back problems, whiplash, spinal injuries, and more. When this is the case, it is time to get a settlement for all the injuries you experienced. Your wounds can prevent you from having a normal job again. Get help from a supportive truck accident lawyer who cares—contact LCPA Law for a free consultation.

What Can Be the Cause of a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can happen for various reasons and sometimes are out of the truck drivers’ hands.

Breaking the Law

Truck drivers are expected to uphold professional standards while on the highway. However, they don’t always follow the rules. Truck drivers sometimes drive in the incorrect lanes, don’t slow down when appropriate, participate in road rage or speed.

Skipped Breaks

Trucking companies require their drivers to take routine breaks. Whenever they miss a break, the driver runs the risk of falling asleep while driving.

Substance Abuse

Truck drivers are notorious for being under the influence while driving on the road. Some take illegal drugs as a mood enhancer or to help them stay awake. However, these drugs impair their ability to perform their job.

Poor Weather Conditions

Bad weather can cause truck drivers to be unable to see the road ahead, as semi-trucks have many blind spots. When the roads are slippery and wet, it is also more difficult for truck drivers to slow down.

Technical Issues

Large trucks require a high level of maintenance. Some of the most frequent problems that sometimes slip under the radar are brake issues, tire malfunctions, and steering problems.

What Types of Items Can I Claim on My Truck Accident Settlement?

When you experience a personal injury because of a truck accident, you can claim both economic and non-economic damages on your settlement. Your attorney can help you estimate these costs.

Economic Damages

The number of medical bills and wage loss you experienced can be included in economic damages. For example, you may have prescription medicine, physical therapy, and surgery. Any medical costs that have piled up because of your wounds can be included in the total settlement amount. Additionally, you will have to include the money you missed because you couldn’t return to work. If you expect to be unable to work full-time for months, this amount must also be included in your compensation.

If you experienced a wrongful death because of a fatal truck crash, your settlement can also include burial and funeral costs, loss of wages and earning capacity, and the medical bills of the deceased.

Non-Economic Damages

These damages are valued based on the severity of the injuries you experienced. Your pain and suffering will be included in your settlement and is based on a multiplier that your attorney will use to calculate damages. For example, if you have broken bones, your pain and suffering will be estimated higher compared to only a few bruises. You have to let your attorney know what terrible emotions you were feeling, such as PTSD or grief. This will be included in your damages.

How to Get Help Now from a Truck Accident Attorney

When you work with a truck accident attorney, you can get the help you need. They will make sure the other party takes your claim for a settlement seriously and represents you professionally. Your attorney also accurately estimates the total cost of your settlement and proves how the truck driver is liable for your injuries. They will help you get the maximum settlement in a timeline manner. Contact LCPA Law for a free consultation.