Motorcycle Safety

motorcycle safety

Motorcyclists are at a far higher risk of losing their lives than car drivers when they get into a motorcycle crash. This is because they do not have a car carriage around them, where their body is exposed to the road after a terrible accident. This is why motorcyclist safety is essential, to help protect their lives and those around them. Most motorcycle crashes are caused by distracted driving, which means that motorcyclists must pay special attention to the road and the environment around them.

When you get into a terrible motorcycle crash, your injuries are typically more severe than that of a car driver or passenger. Your damages shouldn’t be ignored and can be compensated for. If you experienced a motorcycle collision, contact LCPA Law now for a free consultation.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Motorcyclists get into accidents for a variety of reasons. However, not all of these crashes can be blamed on them. Often, those sharing the road with them can be the cause of a motorcycle collision.

Bad Weather and Other Obstacles

Sometimes, it’s the environment that gets the best of motorcyclists. Some motorcycles accidentally run into impeding obstacles on the road. This is especially the case if there is uneven terrain, such as potholes and cracks in the pavement. In other times, heavy rain or wind makes it difficult for motorcyclists to stay on course.

Improper Training

Motorcyclists are less likely to get into an accident when they have more mileage and experience behind them. The less experienced motorcyclists have a higher rate of injuries. It is rare for properly trained bikers to get into an accident.

Distracted Driving

Car drivers are not always paying attention to the road and are the largest cause of motorcycle crashes. They may be texting, mapping out a destination on GPS, phone, or interacting with other drivers. Also, some drivers say it’s hard to see motorcycle drivers because they are on much smaller vehicles.

Aggressive Driving

When car drivers are abusing a substance, this is considered a form of aggressive driving. They put others on the road at risk of a fatal collision because they are under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

What Are Useful Safety Measures?

Some ways to improve motorcycle safety include being more discerning and driving at the right times.

Drive When There’s Less Traffic

When there is more traffic on the road, getting into an accident is much higher. Avoiding congestion can vastly reduce a biker’s risk of crashing into other cars, as they have more space and an easier time braking to prevent collision with other vehicles.

Avoid Bad Weather

Although obvious, some bikers may decide to ride when a thunderstorm warning is underway. Instead of riding when there is heavy rainfall, just wait out the bad weather. It is safer to avoid wet conditions.

Slow Down

A percentage of motorcycle crashes were caused by speeding. Because their vehicles are smaller, it can surprise other drivers around them when they suddenly appear. Motorcyclists should follow the speed limits like all other automobile drivers on the road.

Drive During the Day

Most car accidents happen at night because it is more difficult to see the road under low light conditions. Bikers can improve their motorcycle safety by driving during the day or avoiding roads that are highly trafficked late at night. They can choose to take less-traveled side roads instead.

Inspect Your Bike

A motorcyclist should always make sure their bike is working properly before taking it for a ride. If there are any issues with the bike, they need to get a mechanic to fix it before risking their life or others around them.

Wear Appropriate Gear

Bikers should always wear durable padded clothing and a helmet. This helps provide protection against the road if they fall off their bike or skid against cement.

Other Information on Motorcycle Safety

If you are looking for additional information on motorcycle safety, you can speak with a reliable motorcycle accident attorney. They can provide helpful advice to protect you from getting into a fatal collision with another motor vehicle. If you experienced a crash, you could speak to them to learn if you are at fault for your damages and whether the other party can be held liable. To learn more, contact LCPA Law for a free consultation.